The CIA Subcommittee has led the effort for several years on posters that support the practice of Community Impact Assessment.  A call for posters is sent out every year to academicians, practitioners and students to solicit submissions for the TRB annual meeting. The posters selected best represent the theme of the meeting.

The spotlight theme for the 2017 TRB Annual Meeting is Transportation: Moving the Economy of the Future. 

Visit the Call for Posters page to submit a poster for the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Past Posters


  • Measuring Accessibility to Dental Care Using the Enhanced Two-Step Floating Catchment Area Model-Filiberto Asare-Akuffo, Florida State University
  • Estimating the Community-wide Economic Benefits of Transit Service-Steven Bert, Planning Communities, LLC, Ann Steedly, Planning Communities, LLC
  • Employment Accessibility and Income Segregation-Levon Mikaelian, Florida State University
  • Tight Knit: Indicators of Cohesive Communities -Rusty Ennemoser, Florida Department of Transportation,Ruth Roaza, AECOM,
    Tammy Vrana, Vrana Consulting, Inc.
  • Sustainable Transportation and Recreational Development: Transportation and Land Use Measures for Public Health Comparisons-Michelle Oswald Beiler, Bucknell University
  • Exploring Active Transport Needs in a Chicago Neighborhood Using Focus Groups-Alec Biehl, Northwestern University,Amanda Stathopoulos, Northwestern University
  • Evaluating Distributional Effects of Regional Transportation Plans and Projects-Aaron Golub, Portland State University,Kristine Williams, University of South Florida
  • GIS-Based Comparative Livability Analysis Between Florida Counties with Focus on 65+ Cohort-Vikas Bommineni, Trinity Preparatory School,Vivian Zhou, Lawton Chiles High School,Sameer Ponnaluri, Maclay School,Nandi Brown, Florida State University,Mehmet Ulak, Florida State University,Ayberk Kocatepe, Florida State University,Eren Ozguven, Florida A&M University – Florida State University



  • Change in Accessibility and Convenience Replacement of Conventional Bus Service with Bus Rapid Transit and Its Effect on Riders-Cheryl Thole, University of South Florida.
  • Measuring How Better Transit Can Improve Jobs-Housing BalanceSalwa Anam, University of Virginia & John S. Miller, Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research
  • Data Mining Applications to Capture Community Sentiment: Exploring Perceptions of Future Vehicle TechnologiesAmanda Richard, Florida State University & Mark W. Horner, Florida State University
  • Assessing the Impacts of Emergency Transportation Needs on Aging PopulationsEren Erman Ozguven, Florida State University & Mark W. Horner, Florida State University
  • Florida DOT Advances Community Impact Assessment Through Web-Based Resources and TrainingRusty Ennemoser, Florida Department of Transportation,Ruth Roaza, URS Corporation & Tammy Vrana, Vrana Consulting, Inc.
  • Evaluation of Job Accessibility Improvements in Potential Environmental Justice AreasH. Joon Park, New York City Department of Transportation & Chinyere Emmanuel Egbe, The City College of New York (CUNY)
  • North Carolina DOT Launches Model Guidance and Reports for Comprehensive Community Impact Assessment ProcessAnn Steedly, Planning Communities, LLC & Elizabeth Shay, North Carolina Department of Transportation
  • Review of Individual Accessibility Tools for Measuring Social Exclusion in Disadvantaged PopulationsBrittany Wood, Florida State University



  • The Flexibility of Success: California High Speed Rail Business and Program Adjustment to Address Fiscal Implications, Political Direction and Community Desires
  • Social-Economy Impact for High Speed Rail in China
  • Statewide Freight and Logistics Plan
  • Moving Goals into Action: Discovering Performance Measures that Fulfill a Community’s Vision
  • Bi-National Contexts: Social and Economic Consequences of Border Delays


  • Commuter Rail- Bring Economic Benefit to the Disadvantaged
  • Defining Community Context




  • Evaluating the Potential for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in New Jersey
  • The North Avenue Corridor Improvement Project
  • A Post- Project Assessment of Route 21 in Passaic County, New Jersey
  • Where Will the Road to Nowhere Lead? Effects of the North Shore Road on Communities of the Smokies
  • Innovative Tools, Technology and Strategies for Community Impact Assessment and Transportation Decision Making
  • Waterfront South Transportation Improvement Project, City of Camden, New Jersey
  • Community Cohesion As A Transport Planning Objective
  • A Roadmap for Community Planning: Integrating Engineering and Land Use Planning into a Community Context
  • The Successful Use of Community Involvement Activities to Achieve Context Sensitive Solutions: A CIA/CSS Case Study of Interstate 83 Exits 14 and 15 Transportation Improvements, York County, Pennsylvania
  • Environment and Transportation Effects on Vulnerable Communities
  • How Changing Populations Affect Roadway Safety
  • Alexander Road Bridge over Amtrak, Mercer County, New Jersey

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