Call for Posters for 2017 Annual Meeting is now live! Deadline for submittals is September 16, 2016

The TRB Committees on Social and Economic Factors of Transportation (ADD20) and Public Involvement (ADA 20) joint Community Impact Assessment Subcommittee is pleased to announce its upcoming poster session at the 96th TRB Annual Meeting.  We invite anyone wishing to click the “Call for Posters” link at the top of the page to submit your poster for consideration.  The deadline for submission is September 16, 2016.

The CIA poster session is practitioner-oriented, and is generally well attended.  If you are unfamiliar with TRB, poster sessions are informal presentations that allow the presenter the opportunity to interact with the audience and have more in-depth discussions than a lectern session would allow.  This call for posters is separate from the call for papers for publication or presentation.

The purpose of the poster session is to showcase CIA research and projects that highlight innovative practice in transportation and that are focused on multi-modal considerations through the CIA process.  Poster topics may include but are not limited to issues such as:

  • CIA Process and Methodology;
  • CIA role in Livability and QOL;
  • Application of CIA in Planning/NEPA/Organizational Integration;
  • Impact Assessment topics including: economic, safety, land use, housing, health, mobility, socio-cultural issues, farmland, and multimodal;
  • Innovative CIA tools and technology;
  • CIAs for transportation economic investments funding for highways and bridges, bicycle and pedestrian routes, High Speed Rail, transit projects, freight studies, USDOT partnership or other projects;
  • Socio-economic considerations related to transportation investments;
  • Environmental justice;
  • Outreach to low-income and other   traditionally underserved populations;
  • Limited English Proficiency outreach; and
  • Outreach, education and research related to CIA

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