In 1995, Community Impact Assessment (CIA) practitioners united for the common purpose of enhancing and providing educational opportunities to support the practice. In 2001, TRB recognized this effort the growing interest and the CIA subcommittee was formed. The subcommittee was formed under 3 original parent committees included and included ADD20, Social and Economic Factors in Transportation (Known as A1C06 in 2001); ADA60, Public Involvement in Transportation(Known as A1D04 in 2001); and ADC10 Environmental Factors in Transportation (Known as A1F02 in 2001) with strong ties to the Environmental Justice (EJ) Committee (Known as the EJ Task Force in 2001).

Since its inception, the subcommittee has been instrumental in leading coordination of workshops and poster sessions, promoting training and educational opportunities, providing scholarship opportunities and sharing members expertise and experiences to provide invaluable resources to the practicing community. Past accomplishments and current subcommittee initiatives are highlighted throughout this site. Over the years, while Community Impact Assessment has waned in and out of the spotlight but maintains a very important role in supporting transportation professionals and community planners across the globe.  Community Impact Assessment/Social Impact Assessment is the mechanism in which community issues are brought to the forefront and included in the transportation decision-making process. In the US, CIA is a major process component of the socioeconomic analysis and determination of community impacts in NEPA.  As new legislation and current initiatives have emerged in recent years, sustaining and growing the practice is of particular importance to practitioners. Internationally, community and social impact assessment is employed by government agencies and non-governmental organizations across a host of disciplines and industries.

The CIA Subcommittee invites you to participate in 2016!

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) CIA Subcommittee is actively seeking NEW MEMBERS and friends to assist in enhancing research and education in the practice.

Please email Veronica Murphy, Veronica.Murphy@dot.nj.gov if you would like to be involved with subcommittee activities or fill out the form on the Get Involved page.

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